Investing & Green Companies: Guest Post by Christopher Spinelli

Investing into penny stocks can be very risky business. There is opportunity to make big money quick and loose money just as quick. Out on the open market, each industry usually has corresponding companies that are traded under $5 per share. In the emerging market of agriculture, marijuana companies are spicing things up. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, legislation on state and federal levels has caused stocks spike up in the past months. Investors are usually wary of such volatile companies, however there is an interesting appeal to companies like Medical Marijuana Inc. and GrowLife Inc. There may be room for growth in such companies within the coming years. The House of Representatives has received a bill tilted, “Ending FederalMarijuana Prohibition Act of 2013.” Congress will debate over the “decriminalization of marijuana at the Federal level and leaving the States power to regulate marijuana that is similar to the power they have to regulate alcohol” (H.R.499 [113th]). If cannabis were to become a legal substance in the United States, Medical Marijuana and GrowLife Inc. may be trading for a lot more then pennies. Before purchasing any stock, proper research into the company and financial background should be complete. GrowLife Inc. is made up of six entities including Stealth Grow LED, which, “is the leading USA based manufacturer of Hi-Power LED lights. Phototron has been manufacturing plant growing systems independently for 25 years. A company with a strong background and solid assets in this industry may have high potential for the future. Recently, Infitialis released an article “Chronically Criminal” accusing certain companies of being “run by criminals and alleged fraudsters.” Nonetheless, due diligence must be established before adding any stock to a long-term portfolio. 

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