Guest post: Crisis communications by Kyla Miles

When I first entered the public relations graduate program at Quinnipiac I wasn’t sure what type of PR I would like the most. Well, not long ago I realized my passion for crisis communication. So, like most people who find a new passion, I decided to dive right in and search the Internet to see what professionals, bloggers, and everyday people were saying about crisis communication.

To no surprise, the term crisis communication instantly struck Carnival Cruise for its recent Costa Concordia disaster. Through these posts, various crisis communication professionals blogged and reported on how Carnival cruise line was ruining its reputation through its failure to execute appropriate crisis communication, or to respond at all.

Other articles such as “Crisis Communication: Avoid a Public Relations Nightmare with a Little Preparation,” stress the importance of preparing for a crisis before it happens. Using the health care industry as an example, the author emphasized how creating holding statements for various types of crises that could potentially occur in a particular industry is the key to being prepared for crisis.

Likewise, the article “How to Build a Crisis Communication Plan” exemplifies that in today’s society it is easier than ever for customers to voice their concerns and opinions over the Internet and social media. As recent events have shown, several companies could significantly benefit from reading this step-by-step guide on creating and maintaining a crisis communication plan.

Most interesting, the article “Crisis Communication in the Era of Public Relations” offers the most creative approach to explaining the different social media tools by using one of America’

s favorite foods, donuts. In today’s World 2.0 doesn’t it seem like social media and crisis go hand-in-


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