An academic article published.

When I was working on my dissertation, I was looking into the history of investor relations in the United States. Today some might be surprised, but investor relations actually started as a public relations function rather than a CFO responsibility. So, I was looking at the history of public relations and corporate communications as well.

Then, I looked at the history of academic research in investor relations (virtually, non-existent even today!). So, I also looked into the history of academic research in public relations and corporate communications.

I ended up writing a pretty good account (in my mind!) of theoretical development in the academic research in public relations. I prepared it as an academic article and sent it to the Journal of Communication Management, one of the leading international journals in the field of public relations and communication management. And after peer-review, it was accepted and published!;jsessionid=7D12FA12EBEAE15AF752ECC465705C74?contentType=Article&contentId=1771037

I am quite happy with the outcome!

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