Investor relations professional wiki

Well, it's been a long time since I posted here, but I was not slacking off. I presented at a couple of conferences and now am getting ready to travel to San Diego for next week's NCA conference. But another thing I want to share with you is the Essential Knowledge Project organized by the Institute for Public Relations.

The goal of the project is to provide "a guide to existing public relations research and translates this knowledge into practitioners' language." As such, EKP provides summaries of research about crisis communications, fundraising, ethics, etc. One of the areas is investor relations.

I was honored to be selected to write the introduction to the investor relations page. However, no single person can be an authority on investor relations. So, I encourage you - academics, professionals, students - to contribute. I think of this project as a Wiki page where together we can summarize the knowledge for young practitioners and identify the missing pieces where research should be directed. Feel free to add the information that I missed, correct the mistakes that I made, ask the questions that I did not asnwer, and simply share your thoughts.

So, welcome to the Essential Knowledge Project: Investor Relations.


Dominic Jones said...

I really enjoyed your review of the investor relations profession. It is thoughtful and up-to-date. On a personal level, it is wonderful for me to see this kind of impartial perspective on the profession that is so lacking in everything else I see. Thank you and well done

Alexander V Laskin said...


Thank you for your kind comment. And, of course, you can (and are encouraged!) to contribute to EKP as well; the practitioners' perspective would be greatly appreciated.