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Since I am teaching investor relations, I would like to compile a list of resources about investor relations available on the Internet. Let's be honest, students are more likely to read something on the Web rather than go to the library.

I will start with blogs. I will try to create a list of blogs focused on the investor relations profession. I would really appreciate any help from the professionals and academics - if I miss a blog, please feel free to point it out to me. No single person can be a final authority on investor relations (or anything else for that matter!); my five years of professional work in investor relations and another five years doing academic research in investor relations, perhaps, qualify me to teach investor relations to students, but they do not make me all-knowledgeable about the profession.

Investor Relations Musings. A blog written by John Palizza, a practitioner and educator in investor relations, who now runs his own consulting company. A blog is updated about once in two weeks. The blog has a general focus on various aspects of investor relations. Texts are written in "plain English" and are highly readable.

IR Web Report. A blog managed by an investor relations consulting company. The focus of the blog (and the company) is online investor relations and online corporate communications. The blog is updated almost daily, written very well and has a lot of useful information.

Neville Hobson. A personal blog by Neville Hobson, a public relations and corporate comunications practitioner from Great Britain. He is a pioneer in using new technology, so the blog pays much attention to the online communications and virtual reality. The main focus is various aspects of communications, not just investor relations. The blog has a very busy design, however, tags can help readers find the information they are looking for. A blog is updated daily (or several times a day!). Easy-to-read, great source of information about European investor relations.

Dix & Eaton Corporate Blog. A corporate blog by an independent communication consulting company Dix & Eaton. The blog has a general focus on various investor relations issues. It is not updated very regularly, but there is a post at least once a month. However, the posts are usually valuable and provide good summary and analysis rather than just a link to information. Blog. Now this is the destination to discuss everything related to legal aspects of investor relations. The main focus is legal environment of corporate governance, corporate communications and securities regulations. The texts are, perhaps, not as user-friendly as some other blogs, but subject matter is probably to blame for that. The blog is part of The Corporate Counsel web site, a provider of educational and consulting services. The blog is updated daily.

CR Blog. A blog by David Philips, a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers. The blog focuses on corporate reporting and originates in the United Kingdom. The blog is not updated very often, once or twice a month, but I do not know any other blog where we could learn what one of the top-auditors think about corporate reporting.

DellShares. This is NOT a blog about investor relations. This a blog by Dell and about Dell. However, it is an example of how investor relations professionals can use blogosphere to communicate with investors and other financial audiences. The blog is run by Dell's investor relations team under the supervision of Dell's VP of investor relations Lynn Tyson, perhaps one of the best investor relations professionals. The blog is updated about once a week.

MindShare Blog. This is the official blog of the National Investor Relations Institute. Access to this blog is restricted: only members of NIRI can post or even view the blog, thus making it useless for my students, who are typically not members of NIRI.

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IR magazine is a great resource for those learning the ropes of IR as well as people who just want to stay on top of the news. The blogs have been a bit slow in coming these days, but there are a few. The blogs and editorial content can be found at

Hope this is helpful!