How To Be A Fashion PR Girl: Guest Post by Danielle Gagliardi

Do you have what it takes to be a true Fashion PR Girl? Is it naturally in you? Find out with these fab tips and finally discover whether or not this is your future calling. Of course we all dream of attending extravagant events, meeting celebrities, partying with fame, and finding out about a designer’s new fad before it’s all over the cover of Vogue and revealed by everyone else. However, most importantly, we anticipate being the one to proudly publicly declare ourselves as the amazing new PR person for our absolute favorite new brand. It’s without doubt, the typical Fashion PR world has its glamorous aspects, but keep in mind, it isn’t the type of glamour sensed by outsiders from watching reality TV shows on the reg.

Let’s cover some ground rules- listed below are the major responsibilities every Fashion PR Girl should religiously know and follow… If you’re a real Fashion PR Girl at heart, these should practically already be engraved in your brain just like your fav Cartier bracelet. I mean what girl doesn’t want to be working behind the scenes of NYFW! Enter the world of Fashion PR and see what it’s all about!

A Guide to being a Fashion Publicist:

v Creates relationships with the press (which includes editors writers and journalists) to write articles about their clients. A good fashion publicist creates lasting professional relationships, works with his/her client to their brand, plans, and has impeccable communication skills
v Deals with crisis communications. They may have to appease customers regarding incorrect or late shipments damaged merchandise or other misunderstandings. With everyone being connected to the internet, it is easy for someone to go online and write a damaging review of a brand. What is a fashion crisis and what are the best ways to manage it correctly?
v Builds brands. A significant portion of the publicist’s time is dedicated to the planning and execution of shows and other promotional events. With so many fashion brands out there, a fashion publicists must make sure that the brand is clearly defined and stands out
v Strategizes a game plan. In order to build a brand’s reach the publicist must have a long-term plan that involves key actions for execution. They have to know which outlets to exhaust and who to contact and collaborate with to help grown their clients’ name
v Interacts with a lot of celebrities. Many fashion brands want to have a celebrity photographed in their line or have a celebrity in the front row of their show. (So, you’ve got to have some celebrities of all kinds and levels up your sleeve)
v Displays great verbal communication skills. Communication is always key. A fashion publicist has to network all the time. It is so much easier to get a story placed if you have a great relationship with an editor or if you have a great rapport with a celebrity stylist. You never know when you will need a favor
v Displays outstanding written communication skills. A lot of things you’ll have to do in fashion PR or in any sector of PR for that matter involves writing press releases and pitches. In order for publications to pick up these stories, you’ve got to be skilled in creating informative, appealing, exciting, and concise written work. You’ve got to be able to find an interesting angle on a story that you know the public would want to hear
v Develop positive brand awareness. Make sure company’s image is presented in the best way possible
v Believe in the client’s product.
v Represent the image of the particular fashion brand
v Offer advice, guidance, support, and feedback on public relations, but also provide marketing and general business management advice and support
v Remember you are representing your client at all times!!

v Avoid mistakes when connecting to Fashion Bloggers and perfect your personal fashion blog according to Italian Fashion Blogger, Lucia del Pasqua


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