Consumer Electronics Show. Day Two.

Day Two of CES I spent trying to walk the exhibit halls. I started more than an hour before CES officially opened sneaking in with the delegation of Samsung around 8:40am and left when the exhibit hall closed at 6pm. And I still have not visited all of the exhibits. CES is enormous!

Now, to our main questions: how all this technology is changing our lives and will change the lives of our students? And how should we change our teaching to prepare our students to be successful in their future? The answer – I did not really see any revolutionary technology that would change the world. As a result, Day Two was the opposite of Day One: at the end of day one I thought the sky was falling and everything is on verge of a complete change, but when I got into the exhibit halls today, I did not see this revolution. There was plenty of evolution but not a revolution.

It seemed to me (and I remind you that I have not visited all the exhibit halls yet) that most of the stuff was about TV or video in general. They had super huge HD TVs – I think 110’ LED TV was the biggest I saw. Next to them there were Ultra HD TVs with 4K resolution (which is 3840 X 2160 instead of traditional 1920 X 1080). In the next hall, yet another company already had Super Ultra HD TVs with 8K resolution.

Yet, in the next hall there were 3D TVs that used super cool and comfortable glasses; then 3D TVs that you could look through a screen instead of wearing any glasses, than 3D TVs that did not need any glasses or screens. Plus, of course, the combinations – 3D TVs with 4K Ultra HD resolution and so on.

Needless to say, they were all network integrated and many of them touchscreen. As for touchscreens, Windows 8 seemed to dominate everything. Not iOS or Android, Windows was on phones, tablets, computers and TVs.

They also had projectors that can project down on the same wall; or projectors that can project even in bright sunlight, but to me it is all the same video technology. The best video technology that maybe is getting pretty close to the revolutionary mark was Displair where you see 3D image, similar to a hologram, in thin air in front of you and it is controlled by your touch ( It is better to see it live, but even looking at the pictures you can see how cool it is. I am maybe biased, however, since these guys are from Russia J

And for the gamers there is finally a good alternative to Kinect – you can now play first-person shooters controlling the game with your body and with the gun in hand. That was amazing and gave me quite a work-out after just five or so minutes playing.

Of course, there was plenty of other stuff: phones, tablets, computers, cars, cameras, security gadgets, robots (this was also pretty cool, but how many years do we talk about robots already), printers, including 3D printers (and again they have been around for some time). I need, however, to say thanks to a 3D printer company, 3D Systems for the excellent gator head they printed for me (Go Gators!).

What pleasantly surprised me was the amount of technology related to health and fitness – I did not expect that. And I could not expect the amount of massage chairs, foot massagers and all other kinds of massagers represented at CES – I would’ve never in my mind connected CES with a massage chair!

Anyway, at the end of the day there were plenty of receptions available. I had a difficult choice between IAWTV awards or CES International reception. I picked International. Most of the people I chatted with there were from China and most of them were exhibitors. So, China does produce a lot of technology. I also met people from other Asian countries, South America, Africa, but I did not run into anybody from Europe at all L

Time to get ready for Day Three tomorrow!

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