CBS Television City: Focus on Research

On the last day of my IRTS/CES trip to Las Vegas, I was fortunate to get a tour of CBS outstanding research facility, CBS Television City in MGM Grand. Huge thanks to David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer of CBS Corporations and President of CBS Vision.

It is very smart of CBS to organize their television research facility in Las Vegas. First, they can get people from all over the United States in Vegas – people from every state go to Las Vegas. Second, they also get the right age groups – little kids or old people are not very common visitors in Sin City. If main focus of TV research is on 18-49 year olds, Vegas is a great place to find this age group. And, finally, they get relatively well-to-do audience in Vegas – people who are paying for cable or satellite provider at home.

David with pride showed excellent CBS facility from state of the art focus group rooms like this one:

to room with the eye-tracking and facial expression recognition cameras to capture what people are feeling and thinking as they watch pilots of new shows CBS is considering:

Now I am better prepared to teach the next research class!

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