Guest post: Healthcare public relations by Jordana Carideo

The first assignment in Professor Laskin new media class at Quinnipiac University was to create Google Alerts for a particular sector of public relations which we are interested in and could potentially be focused on through our blog. I chose healthcare public relations for my topic of my blog and to track for the week for my Google Alerts. Throughout the week I only received results for two alerts out of my three alerts for this category; health public relations and healthcare public relations.

Throughout the duration of the week I was surprised of how many non-accurate news alerts I was receiving; out of 40 total alerts for the day, 2 would be accurate. I found it confusing because of the high interest in the specialization of healthcare public relations. After the assignment was completed it was brought to my attention that it is essential to format the Google Alert properly with quotations to receive accurate results. Even though many of the results were not accurate due to the formatting, one positive aspect of these Google Alerts was the blogs that were being mentioned. I believe this sector of the field of public relations is extremely interesting and I am very excited to begin my blog.

Here is a small excerpt from my blog, hope you enjoy it:

The other night I was sitting watching the new movie 50/50 where I began to think I cannot imagine hearing those words you have cancer. It scares me how many of my family members have been affected by cancer and have lost their battles. Even though they have lost their battles I want to honor them by trying to help others through there cancer journey. I want to use this blog to discuss health care public relations, cancer issues, and products for women and young adults, and most importantly gain relationships.”

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