Middle East goes for IR...

I was happy to see the news in early July that Middle East Investor Relations Society was established. So far the Web site is empty - there is nothing there except for the welcome message and the mission statement of ME-IRS.

I talked with a few IR practitioners from the region and it puzzles me that most of them draw support from Britain's Investor Relations Society rather than from the U.S.'s National Investor Relations Institute. They go to IR Society's events, receive IR Society's certificate, and look to IR Society for help when needed. I wonder why is that? Is it simply because Britain is closer than the United States? Is it because they want to list their companies on LSE or Deutsche Borse? Or is it because IR Society is better in its international outreach programs than NIRI?

In any case, best of luck to ME-IRS! Investor relations is still a very young profession even in the United States and Great Britain; internationally, it's just in its earliest stages.

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Mike said...

Many thanks for your blog post, in deed your observations are all correct. We hope the region will benefit greatly from having an Investor Relations Society. The website is currently being developed and will be up and running later in September. Best Regards,
Michael Chojnacki