Investor Relations on the Web: Blogs (Part II)

I would like to thank Dominic Jones of IR Web Report and Rob Berick of Dix & Eaton for sharing with me some additional links to investor relations blogs I missed before. I have reviewed these links and I would like to add a few of these blogs to my list.

Crossborder Blog. A blog from publishers of IR Magazine. In fact, they publish three magazines (the other two being CorpComms and Corporate Secretary) and so the blog is divided into three categories to cover topics from all three magazines. However, all three areas are quite interconnected, so I would encourage reading the whole thing. The blog, unfortunately, is not updated regularly; it is also still in its first year.

JeffMatthewsIsNotMakingThisUp.This is not strictly an investor relations blog as it focuses on everything related to Wall Street. However, the blog discusses investor relations issues quite often and it is always a pleasure to read. The blog is written very professionaly (but with a tendency to have somewhat longer posts) and is updated at least two-three times a week. In addition, the blog has quite a few readers - it probably has the most comments among all the blogs discussed.

Risk and Governance Blog. A blog is managed by Risk Metrics Group, a company specializng in various aspects of corporate risk management. The blog mainly discusses issues of corporate governance and is updated once or twice a week. In addition, this blog has links to other corporate governance blogs from around the world.

Anil Dilawri Blog. A blog from Hill & Knowlton investor relations group's director Anil Dilawri. The blog is not updated very often, about twice a month. Yet, it looks very professional and provides a valuable point of view on investor relations from an executive of a large public relations agency.

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