Putin as a New York Times columnist...

Putin will be writing a weekly op-ed for The New York Times!!! It is amazing. Russian President agreed to do some western-bound public relations.

There is no doubt he himself won't actually write any of these articles - I seriously doubt he will even read them. But I am surprised the PR agency that works for the Kremlin now (anybody knows what agency that might be? :) ) managed to persuade the Kremlin to let them do it.

I especially like the way NYT explains why they have chosen Putin:

QUOTE. Look, Hitler and Stalin are dead. Pol Pot, too. Osama bin Laden tends toward the run-on sentence. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has trouble meeting deadlines. Musharraf told us he has too much on his plate right now to commit. Charles Manson's parole board has repeatedly declined our requests for Chuck to pen a column for us while serving out his life sentence. Dick Cheney can't write a sentence without dropping an F-bomb. And, well, let's just say all options were off the table concerning President Bush. END QUOTE.

I got the story from Accountbility Central. I could not find anything on the NYT Web site about it, however....

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